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Working in The Netherlands:

Highly Skilled Migrant Information

Information for international employees

The highly skilled migrant procedure is a means to apply for a residence permit prior to arriving in the Netherlands. There are a number of conditions that are relevant to your application, for example:

  • Your nationality;

  • Your salary;

  • That you are recruited from abroad;

  • That you have specific, in-demand skills for your job;

  • And if your employer or business is a recognised sponsor.

Read the full conditions for the highly skilled migrant procedure on the IND's website.

If you meet the requirements, your employer is responsible for the highly skilled migrant application. If your application is made via IN Amsterdam, the procedure can be combined with municipal registration and receiving your citizen service number, easing your administration burden upon arrival.

Additional benefits for highly skilled migrants:

  • Highly skilled migrants are exempt from language-learning requirements for immigrants, known in the Netherlands as Civic Integration;

  • Highly skilled migrants may be eligible for the 30% ruling. This reimbursement is a compensation for the extra costs that international employees can incur when moving to a new country for work;

  • Your employer will also apply for a residence permit for your family members.

What if I change employers or lose my job?

  • Your residence permit is connected to your employment contract.

  • You can change jobs and move to a new employer. However, the employee and employer must continue to meet all requirements for the highly skilled migrant procedure.

  • If your employment contract is terminated, you may lose the right to your residence permit. If you lose your job and you hold a valid residence permit, you will typically have a grace period of 3 months in which to find a new job. As mentioned above, the new role and employer must also meet the requirements of the highly skilled procedure.

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