Mango Staffing is a Dutch leading full-service IT resource facilitator

At Mango Staffing we stick it to our clients: top notch IT savvy candidates that take care of business. Temporary or permanent solutions; based on our international experience and network, we recruit the best people to make the perfect match with your organization.


Today’s world is highly competitive and dynamic. One of the factors on which the success of any organization would depend is how lean the structure of that organization is. Temporary staffing is a good way of giving your organization workforce flexibility.

We are specialized in addressing the needs of different sizes of businesses, ranging from international corporations to small businesses. Contact us to learn more about IT-solutions for your organization.

As your HR-partner we provide interim staffing solutions which are designed to fulfill your organizational needs. We understand the importance of having a partner which can provide with different solutions in fullfillng your temporary capacity needs.


Temporary Staff or Associate Deputation

Today’s world is highly competitive and dynamic. One of the factors on which the success of any
organization would depend is how lean the structure of that organization is.

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Temp to hire

Take advantage of our temporary staffing solutions with the option to hire our candidates on a
permanent basis.

Permanent staffing

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Looking for strong candidates to strengthen your organization? We help you find a perfect match. 


Our payroll solution has many advantages; to begin with, Mango Staffing becomes your legal employer and therefore arranges all administrative matters.

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Temporary staff employee engagement initiatives.

Exit Formalities

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We understand every organization is unique and so is the industry in which it operates. 

Finding that “Right Fit” for your organization could be a very challenging and a time-consuming activity. Having a partner, who not only understands your exact requirement but also the complexities associated with your business activity and the industry can certainly help in reducing the hassle. We strive to create the best possible matches and are very dedicated doing so.

Over time, Mango Staffing has served organizations of all sizes in providing for permanent manpower requirements at senior management, middle management and junior level. We have expertise that ranges from managing niche skills vacancies for our clients to handling large scale hiring requirements at different levels for diversified business groups. 



''Mango Staffing has extensive experience in guiding clients and candidates through the process of applying for working permits.
For candidates coming from a country outside of the EU, Mango Staffing can assist in obtaining a Dutch working permit. Mango Staffing works with clients who are publicly registered sponsor for Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant visas. Learn more about a 'Highly skilled migrant' Dutch working permit here by getting in touch with us. 

Working permits



Machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf (MVV)



A new job in The Netherlands also means new surroundings, a new language and new contacts in work as well as out of it. Even with all the practical matters being taken care of, the transfer will be challenging

Preparation is the first step to a successful relocation. For more information, check out our section on
Working in The Netherlands. We can assist you with among, many other points, the following points:


Cost & Quality of living estimation


Highly Skilled Migrant

Finding a Doctor

Setting up a Bank account

Expat centre procedure

Health insurance

Looking into possible leisure activities



In order to keep up with the latest developments we support continuous development of our candidates. 

We host in-company training events on relevant subjects or support candidates to follow courses at distinguished educational institutions. 

We also strive to push forward the careers of our candidates by setting up a strategic personal development plan.

Courses for External Parties

We also provide online training for employers. Click on the button to enter your desired course and Mango will send you a coupon for the course to your e-mail address. For example, choose a course from Udemy, Whizlabs or another online trainer.

For more information you can send an email to or click on the button below to select your training.